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  As soon as he was introduced to the Cedar Hill family and their incredible products, he knew they were unlike any farm around! The relationship continued to grow as Levi was invited to the family's home to prepare farm-to-table dinners hosted by the Connells.  He even catered the wedding for daughter Sarah which was right here on the farm!  

    This past Spring, the Connell's and Chef Briggs decided to combine the best of both worlds: Levi moved his family (wife Jackie and their daughter) to the farm so they could take part in helping to run the farm.  They have been so impressed with the gentle and loving way in which the cows are raised and are completely devoted to learning every aspect of the natural farming practices and the cheese making of Cedar Hill Farm.

    We, as a family, are honored to be recognized for our diligent work by our farm's acceptance in Maryland's pilot dairy program.  This program allows selective farms to produce raw milk cheeses on-site, a recent breakthrough in Maryland’s dairy industry. Through our involvement in this program and through our families’ traditional farming methods, we are striving to prove that local, raw-milk cheese can be of the healthiest and highest quality available!

1806 Nobles Mill Rd. Darlington, MD 21034



For over 20 years, our family has owned its ninety-acre Maryland farm located in the hilly Deer Creek valley of Darlington, Maryland. In this large family of 9, sound agriculture stewardship has always been a way of life.  Although father Mike considers dairy farming his "overgrown hobby," he has pursued it with care and passion. Even in his capacity as a small business owner and skilled arborist, he always finds time to improve the farm and provide the best care for his animals. His mission: to return farming to its healthiest, most natural, all-organic state. Given Mike's devotion to organic methods, the quality of Cedar Hill milk is unparalleled. Twin sisters Abigail and Cora, eager to showcase their farm's milk in a local cheese, undertook a 2006 apprenticeship with established artisan cheesemaker Jonathan White, who provides New York City's markets with farmstead cheeses. Since the apprenticeship, Abigail has committed herself to the cheesemaking business, managing every aspect of the creative, hands-on production process.

A few years ago, Chef Levi Briggs was introduced to the Connell family while he was shopping at a Fells Point farmers' market.  As a chef of a farm to table restaurant (Waterfront       Kitchen) back then, he was committed to serving only the best local ingredients.  Waking up at 5am every morning so he could go directly to the farms to pick up everything from local meats to organic honey, he established close relationships with the area's most respected farmers.