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Our Cave

Our cheese cave is progressing!  We are excited to be aging our cheese at our farm and also hope to be making it there too!  We were planning to be finished building by now but there is a lot we need to learn about building an underground room(s) that closely resembles the environment of a cave where cheese has traditionally been aged. 

    This process (aging cheese) may seem foreign to many but it is easy to understand if you compare it to aging wine. Both temperature and humidity are controlled. The temperature for a cheese cave should remain between 50-60 degrees with little or no cooling devices and should also maintain a humidity between 80-95.  Some cheese, like wine, is completely oxygen deprived; however, other cheese is fully exposed to the surrounding environment of the cave to grow molds that are known as the natural rind of the cheese.  This rind is edible and contains live bacterias that are actually healthy.